Jaunty Mimosa Cartridge
Jaunty Mimosa Vape Cart
Jaunty Mimosa Cartridge
Jaunty Mimosa Vape Cart

Mimosa Classic Cartridge

Packed with a sweet and sour tropical citrus flavor, each hit of Mimosa delivers a relaxed, motivating uplift to any part of your day.


Common Effects

energetic, giggly, focused

tasting notes

lemon, citrusy orange, pine, earthy

primary Terpenes 

limonene, α-pinene, β-pinene, myrcene, β-caryophyllene

The Hardware Design

Medical-Grade Stainless Steel

We chose 316-grade stainless steel for its durability and unique corrosion-resisting properties.

Ceramic Mouthpiece

Slips happen. Ceramic is more resilient to the occasional drop, offering the best in durability.

Ceramic Core

Ceramic is more porous than other metals, allowing for better flavor and seamless vapor production.

Universal 510-thread

Our cartridges work perfectly with any 510-thread battery, the most common on the market.

Lab results

View all cannabinoid levels and test results for your specific Jaunty batch. The most recent results for this product are listed here. For more results, visit our Lab Results page.

kind words from our friends

We LOVE you guys
We LOVE you guys. We only buy your carts. Our favorites are the Blueberry Kush, Sour Diesel, and Amnesia Haze are the absolute best.

Amiello A

I LOVE JAUNTY!!! And the all-in-one disposable pens! (Strawberry and Green Apple!!)

Ezequiel M.

Jaunty is my jam
Jaunty is my jam. These carts hit nice and smooth and taste amazing.

Danielle M.

I would never buy another brand!
Since the local dispensaries opened I chose a Jaunty vape and I would never buy another brand! Got me from the first puff!

Judd P.

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Where’s JAUNTY?

Well, New York. For now. But we have big plans.

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