Jaunty Melon All-In-One Infusions Vaporizer
Jaunty Melon All-In-One Infusions Vaporizer
Jaunty Melon All-In-One Infusions Vaporizer
Jaunty Melon All-In-One Infusions Vaporizer

Melon All-In-One Infusions Vaporizer

The unmistakable flavor of your favorite fresh cut, juice-filled ripe melon.


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The Hardware Design

Earth-friendly + Recyclable

Designed with eco-friendly hemp, our devices have easy twist-off caps allowing easy battery removal for safe recycling.

Ceramic Core

Our burn control prevents overheating and comprising the oil quality, offering a flavorful and smooth experience.

C-Type Charger Port

Our devices come with a new C-type charger port, allowing for easy recharges on the go.

Slim Design

Perfect for descreet, on-the-go adventures.

Lab results

View all cannabinoid levels and test results for your specific Jaunty batch. The most recent results for this product are listed here. For more results, visit our Lab Results page.

kind words from our friends

We LOVE you guys
We LOVE you guys. We only buy your carts. Our favorites are the Blueberry Kush, Sour Diesel, and Amnesia Haze are the absolute best.

Amiello A

I LOVE JAUNTY!!! And the all-in-one disposable pens! (Strawberry and Green Apple!!)

Ezequiel M.

Jaunty is my jam
Jaunty is my jam. These carts hit nice and smooth and taste amazing.

Danielle M.

I would never buy another brand!
Since the local dispensaries opened I chose a Jaunty vape and I would never buy another brand! Got me from the first puff!

Judd P.

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An ode to the sweet, juicy, fresh strawberries grown in upstate New York.

Transport to the Hudson Valley and bite into a freshly picked Granny Smith apple.

Reminiscent of biting into a fresh ripe banana picked right off the tree.

Where’s JAUNTY?

Well, New York. For now. But we have big plans.

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